Best Keylogger Mac

Are you looking for the best keylogger for Mac OS?

With so many options out there, it can be hard to find the best one.

Contained in this article are the best keyloggers for Mac OS. Some are free while others are paid. Some offer advanced features like remote monitoring, stealth mode, and more – all designed to help you keep track of your computer activity without being detected.

A good keylogger will give you peace of mind knowing that your data is secure from hackers or other malicious actors.

Records keystrokes: You’ll have access to detailed logs of every single keystroke made on your machine, giving you complete control over who has access to what information on your computer.

Can You Put a Keylogger on a Mac?

Keyloggers are malicious software used to capture and record every keystroke made on a computer, including passwords and other sensitive data.

While this might sound like something that only happens in movies, keylogging is very real, and it can be used by hackers and thieves to gain access to someone's private information.

Unfortunately, the same is true for Mac computers.

What Is the Best Keylogger for Mac?

Here are our team's top picks for the best keyloggers for Mac:

Best Keylogger (Mac)

1. SentryPC


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Key Features:

  • Easy to Use.
  • Remote Installation & Stealth Operation.
  • Time Management & Scheduling.
  • Geolocation & Geofencing.
  • Content Filtering & Restriction.
  • Recording & Activity Monitoring.
  • 24/7 Remote Access in the Cloud.
  • Supports Multiple Devices.


Easy to Use

SentryPC offers an easy-to-use graphical user interface with an icon and menu system that allows users to view recorded logs and configure filtering rules quickly and efficiently.

The intuitive design makes it suitable for novice computer users, as full support is provided along with the purchase of the software.

Updating to the latest version is also simple, as SentryPC will notify users when a new version is released, allowing them to download and install it with ease.

Log downloading and archiving are easy as well, with the ability to download in .csv or .zip format for storage and database/spreadsheet usage.

Furthermore, searching, sorting, and filtering options are available on all pages for more detailed analysis.

Users can manage their subscriptions and make changes such as editing their contacts, adjusting the license amount or plan, toggling automatic renewal, and buying more storage for screenshots.

With all these features, SentryPC makes it easy to control the media usage of computers both quickly and securely.

Remote Installation & Stealth Operation

SentryPC allows for remote installation without physical presence and can be operated in complete stealth, meaning it is invisible to the user and runs discreetly without any user notification.

Additionally, SentryPC can also be remotely uninstalled, updated, and deployed over a network or by email with ease.

Time Management & Scheduling

SentryPC's time management feature allows users to set specific hours and days when their computer use is allowed, as well as setting a maximum daily and weekly amount of usage time.

Furthermore, SentryPC offers the flexibility of choosing when the schedule should reset and alerting the user when their available time nears its end.

Geolocation & Geofencing

SentryPC allows users to create a virtual fence around their ‘home' location and set alerts for when the device enters or exits that boundary.

The geolocation feature is highly precise and regularly gives updates on the exact location, displayed on a map and indicating the distance from the fence's center and whether the location is inside or outside the fence.

With this feature, users can easily keep track of their device's whereabouts at all times.

Content Filtering & Restriction

SentryPC provides comprehensive content filtering and restriction features, allowing users to filter applications, games, keywords, websites, and more by day and time.

Additionally, custom activity alerts can be created for specific keywords or phrases and email notifications can be sent when triggered.

Security options are also available to enable or disable access to certain activities.

Recording & Activity Monitoring

SentryPC offers a comprehensive activity monitoring and recording system that tracks virtually every action performed by users on the device, such as applications used, websites visited, keystrokes typed, files copied/created/deleted/printed/renamed, and more.

It also captures detailed information about each event, including the exact date and time it happened, the device and user that performed it, and, in some cases, you can even view the full content of the clipboard or capture screenshots.

All of this information is stored securely on its servers and accessible by logging into your SentryPC account anytime.

Additionally, you can receive notifications to alert you whenever certain activities occur or thresholds are met — perfect for keeping an eye out for unwanted or suspicious activity.

Finally, you can easily view summaries of your account's activities and usage with various reports and charts to provide a comprehensive overview of what is happening on your devices.

With SentryPC, you get total visibility into user activity and have peace of mind that Clipboard monitoring allows you to record logs of any content copied to the clipboard — a great way to see if users are copying sensitive information or malicious content.

Plus, you get a full timeline of events and keystroke activity with its powerful reporting tools.

You can now take control of your security today and start monitoring your devices with SentryPC.

24/7 Remote Access in the Cloud

SentryPC provides 24/7 secure remote access to all of its users' devices from any internet-enabled device, allowing them to view logs and manage settings in real-time without any hassle.

It also offers two-factor authentication and an idle timeout setting for added security.

Supports Multiple Devices

SentryPC offers a comprehensive solution for managing all of your devices, regardless of the operating system.

It can be used on Android, Mac, and Windows devices simultaneously with the same license, so you don't have to buy separate licenses for each device.

Installation is simple and quick, allowing you to start managing all your devices in no time.


SentryPC offers 3 plans:

  • Basic Plan – $69.95 per year.
  • Business 50 – $1,495.00 per year.
  • Business 100 – $2,495.00 per year.
SentryPC Pricing

User Experience:

People who have used the SentryPC have had overwhelmingly positive experiences.

Small business owners find it incredibly easy to set up, providing them with a sense of relief that their employees are now monitored.

Parents appreciate the fact that they can use SentryPC on both computers and phones, giving them more control when it comes to their children's online activities.

Schools have found that SentryPC is a great asset, providing them with the tools they need to ensure their students are accessing appropriate material.

Everyone agrees that the online account, with its features and options, provides an excellent user experience. It's no wonder SentryPC has become so popular.

Don't take our word for it — try it for yourself and see why SentryPC is the go-to parental control app.

Start protecting your family, business, or school today with SentryPC.

2. FlexiSPY


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Key Features:

  • Monitor Instant Messaging (IMs): View the contents of popular IM chats like Facebook, LINE, WhatsApp, and even those that have been deleted.
  • Verify Network Activity: Monitor and log all computer network links – from bandwidth consumption to user sign-ins, as well as print jobs.
  • Spy on Internet Activity: See website history, bookmarks, and browsing activity – including URLs, date, and time of visit.
  • Safeguard Your Data: Track file transfers and all other file activity.
  • Tamper Control: Select the visibility option for maximum flexibility.
  • Easy-to-View Data: View all computer activity in your secure online portal or download the mobile viewer app.
  • Compatible with Macs & PCs: Install on any computer no matter the operating system.
  • Keylogger: See everything that’s being typed – even if it's deleted.
  • Read Emails: Instantly read sent and received emails, as well as the time-stamp and contact details of the sender.


Are you looking for a way to monitor your computer activity?

FlexiSPY is the perfect solution. It allows you to keep track of all computer network connections, view browsing history and bookmarks, monitor file activity and transfers, select visibility options, view data in your secure online portal, or download the mobile viewer app for access on the go.

It’s also compatible with Macs & PCs.

With FlexiSPY, you can easily monitor IM chats – even those that have been deleted – as well as see every word typed into emails, websites, and more.

You can safeguard your data by knowing when a file was opened, who modified it, and where it was sent with the file transfer and activity tracking feature.


Flexispy Pricing

FlexiSPY pricing comes in three categories for Mac:

  • 1 month – $79.
  • 3 months – $119.
  • 12 months – $179.

User Experience:

FlexiSPY for Mac has been a great way to monitor the activities of people.

It offers a range of features that include GPS tracking, call, and text monitoring, remote camera control, and more.

With the help of this powerful software, people easily access the location data, call logs, and contact information of any person.

Whether it's a family member, an employee, or a friend, FlexiSPY for Mac can help you monitor and keep tabs on their activities in real-time.

Get started with FlexiSpy.

3. Hoverwatch for Mac


Key Features:

• Keylogger for Mac discretely supervises the Mac computers of your children and staff, registering every action taken on the device like typed keys, passwords entered, websites accessed, chats sent and received – even screen captures.

Keyboard Logger – This Mac function is made for tracking all actions connected with the virtual or physical keyboard. It records not just text messages, but emails, search requests, and contact names too. It’s also capable of saving messages from Skype and Facebook.

Invisible Spy – The software developed by Hoverwatch is designed to be virtually undetectable so it can remain hidden on the target device. Users of the device will never be able to see this software or delete it. It’s invisible even in the Activity Monitor, so you don’t have to worry about being discovered!

Record Passwords – This Mac software records all typed passwords, but you can effortlessly deactivate this option from the settings panel if required.


Are you in need of an effective way to monitor your children or employees?

Hoverwatch for Mac is the perfect solution. It's a powerful keylogger that records all pressed keys, captures passwords, websites, chats, and takes screenshots.

It can also save text messages, emails, search requests, and contact names.

Best of all – it's completely invisible in the Activity Monitor so nobody will ever know it’s there.

With Hoverwatch for Mac, you'll have peace of mind knowing what your kids or employees are doing online.

You can even disable the password capture feature if desired from the settings panel. So you won't miss out on any conversations from iMessage, iChat, Skype, or Adium either.


Hoverwatch for Mac Pricing

Hoverwatch has three plans. The prices for each depend on the number of devices you intend to track:

  • Personal – $24.95 per device/per month. (Tracks 1 device).
  • Professional (Starts from $49.95 per month) – $9.99 per device/per month (Tracks 5 devices).
  • Business (Starts from $149.95/per month) – $6.00 per device/per month (Tracks 25 devices).

User Experience:

Hoverwatch for Mac is the perfect app for monitoring devices. It provides reliable and accurate data, which is easy to access from the intuitive online dashboard.

With Hoverwatch you can keep an eye on your children's activities, as well as track employee productivity, in real-time.

The installation process is simple, and the customer service team is always available to answer any questions or concerns.

Download Hoverwatch for Mac today and start monitoring your family or team with ease.

4. REFOG Keylogger


Key Features:

Runs Undetected: Refog Mac Keylogger is an efficient and stealthy monitoring system, trusted by many to offer unparalleled security. Operating in stealth mode, this system is designed to remain undetected by children while still allowing parents to monitor their online activity. The program cannot be bypassed, stopped from recording, uninstalled, or have its behavior changed in any way.

Easy to Use: Installing and setting up Refog Keylogger for Mac does not require you to be an experienced computer user. All that’s required is for you to set a Master Password and the software will do the rest of the work on its own.

Recorded Information: Every keystroke made by a user is recorded and saved for you to view. Additionally, Refog Keylogger can also take screenshots of computer usage at regular intervals and save the images automatically. It can also record outgoing chat messages, Web site visits, and application use.

Password Protection: Once your Master Password has been set during installation, no one will be able to make changes or delete saved information without that password. That means that your children won’t be able to circumvent the program, as long as they don’t know the password.

With all these features and more, Refog Mac Keylogger provides reliable parental monitoring and control over children’s Mac computers. It’s the perfect way to keep an eye on your kids in a digital world.


Are you looking for a way to monitor your children's online activities?

Refog Mac Keylogger is the perfect solution. It runs undetected, so your kids won't even know they're being monitored.

It's also easy to use – just download and install the software with one Master Password and let it do its job.

Refog Keylogger Mac is a powerful tool that allows you to monitor all computer activity, including keystrokes and screenshots.

You can also track outgoing chat messages, Website visits, and application uses – all without any maintenance or other tasks required from you.

And best of all, no one can make changes or delete saved information without your password.

User Experience:

The user experience of the REFOG Mac Keylogger has been highly praised by its users.

Many people have found it to be an easy-to-use and configure software that runs seamlessly in the background.

It allows them to ensure their kids or family members are using the internet safely without any difficulty. Many users have also remarked on how great the product is.

For those who need a keylogger for more serious reasons, like catching out with a spouse or partner, the REFOG Mac Keylogger has been an invaluable tool. It has allowed many people to discover a suspicious activity they would otherwise never have known about.

One feedback the REFOG Mac Keylogger has received was that it didn’t pick up Facebook chat logs, something which is now fixed.

As a reward for customer loyalty, REFOG offers free Lifetime Upgrades to anyone who moves to Windows 7 from XP and finds their version playing up.

For those looking for a reliable and easy-to-use keylogger, the REFOG Mac Keylogger is worth considering.

Its user-friendly interface and great customer support make it an ideal choice for any home or business user.

Download Refog Keylogger now and start monitoring your children’s online activity today.

Best Free Keylogger

5. Spyrix Keylogger for Mac


Key Features:

  • Remote Access & Monitoring through a secure web account that allows you to easily access the logs.
  • Email log delivery that sends regular updates with logs directly to your email address. – It records all keystrokes on the computer keyboard, except for passwords, which it keeps secure.
  • Desktop Screenshots are captured at specified intervals to allow you to easily monitor the user’s activity on the computer.
  • Records all visited websites and URLs.
  • Suitable for OS X 10.12 and above.
  • Continuous screen and webcam recording features allow you to keep an eye on what goes on around the device even when you’re away.
  • Monitors activities of popular IM messengers like MSN and ICQ.
  • Two-way dialogue interception for Skype conversations.
  • Log delivery through email, FTP, or LAN at specified intervals.
  • The site blocker feature allows you to restrict access to certain websites based on categories, a blacklist of URLs, or a blacklist of keywords.


Are you looking for a secure way to monitor your Mac computer remotely?

Spyrix Keylogger for Mac is the perfect solution. The software tracks keystrokes on the keyboard, and automatically captures screenshots and URLs at predetermined intervals, ensuring that you have a record of all the websites visited.

It also features two-way dialogue interception of popular IM Messengers like MSN and ICQ, log delivery through email and FTP in certain intervals of time.

There is the site blocker by categories or blacklist of URLs/keywords, keyword alerts to know what keywords are being used in web searches, invisible mode so that it won't be obvious to the user that it's running and search engines monitoring with a recording of keywords used for making searches.

With Spyrix Keylogger for Mac, you can have peace of mind knowing that your computer is safe from any malicious activities.

You can also keep track of what your family members or employees are doing online without them ever knowing about it.


Spyrix Pricing

Spyrix Keylogger for macOS has three plans for a 12 months full license:

  • 1 PC – $89.
  • 3 PCs – $119.
  • 5 PCs – $169.

There is the option to add the following with additional costs of $14 each for 1 PC/year:

  • Add a screen recorder.
  • Add webcam recording.
  • Add call recording.

User Experience:

Spyrix Keylogger for Mac is a powerful surveillance and monitoring software designed to help employers, parents, and other users increase their productivity and security. This program provides an extensive suite of features, including, but not limited to, keylogging and monitoring for social applications/messengers, Live Viewing capabilities, and much more.

The keylogging feature records all website visits, emails, and search terms. This makes it easier to monitor user activity and identify potential risks.

The Live Viewing function allows users to view the screen of any computer remotely in real-time. This ensures that employees are staying productive while working from home or on their own devices.

The parental control features are also great. Spyrix helps parents keep track of their children’s online activities and make sure they aren’t involved in any inappropriate activities.

Some people have been using the program for quite some time now, and it has helped them stay productive while working remotely and protect their families from potential risks.

Download Spyrix Keylogger for Mac now to get started monitoring your computer securely.

6. Clever Control for Mac

Clever Control for Mac

Key Features:

  • Records all keystrokes, including deleted text.
  • Employee Monitoring: Check for unwanted alert words in employees’ keystrokes.
  • Keystrokes recording in any application.
  • Make screenshots of changes in active windows, URLs, or clipboards.
  • Instantly see all windows and websites that employees work with.
  • Get a full list of instances of external drive connection.
  • Get the time, duration, or name of the connection.
  • Immediately identify which users are connecting unauthorized drives to their computers.
  • Check on all external storage connections, including USB, HDD, SD, CD/DVD, etc.
  • Monitor printer activity on all computers.
  • Get a full list of instances of printer use.
  • Get the time and name of the printer operation.


Are you looking for a way to monitor employees' activity?

CleverControl is the perfect solution. It records all keystrokes, so you can see everything that was typed in on the keyboard, including deleted text.

You can also take screenshots of any active window or URL and get a full list of instances of external drive connection.

It also, separately, monitors printer activity on all computers.

With CleverControl, you don't have to worry about unwanted alert words in employees’ keystrokes or information leakage and insider threats anymore.

Find out with a single click who is slacking off, which users are connecting unauthorized drives to PCs, and the time and name of printer operations.


Clever Control Pricing

The pricing for Clever Control is in three categories, in addition to a free trial:

  • 3 Months – $165 ($11/1 PC per month).
  • 6 Months – $198 ($6.60/1 PC per month).
  • 12 Months – $282 ($4.70/1 PC per month).

User Experience:

Clever Control for Mac is a great tool that can help improve productivity within any organization. It has quick and easy installation, allowing users to get up and running right away.

With Clever Control, users can track visited websites and used apps, as well as active and inactive time.

It also features attendance recording so that an employer can easily see when the computer is turned on and off.

Additionally, it offers live viewing of computer screens for monitoring purposes.

The only con that we can think of is that the price could be a bit lower for those who are controlling a smaller number of computers.

Also, we believe there should be more time to test out the program during the trial period.

Overall, the program is very well thought out and helps a lot with productivity. The statistics it provides are excellent and its speed is fantastic.

By using Clever Control for Mac, employers have much more control over their employees’ computer usage.

Other Notable Mentions

Elite Keylogger for Mac

Actual Keylogger

What Is a Keylogger?

A keylogger is a type of malicious software (malware) designed to capture the keystrokes typed on a computer, usually to spy on or steal confidential information.

Keyloggers can be installed, either physically or remotely, and are often used by online criminals for cyber espionage and identity theft, or to monitor children's online activity.

While keyloggers can be used for malicious purposes, they can also be helpful tools for employers, parents, and IT professionals looking to gain more information about their computing environments.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that keyloggers are a double-edged sword. They can provide useful information but also present a security risk.

To keep your data safe, it’s important to deploy measures such as virus protection and updated firewalls on all devices. That way you can stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

Why Do I Need a Keylogger for My Mac?

Keyloggers are a type of computer software that can record and log keystrokes entered on a keyboard, whether it be for Mac or Windows.

Record Keystrokes

This is typically done without the knowledge of the monitored user or consent and is mainly used to monitor and track online activity, such as web browsing and email usage.

For many, the installation of a keylogger can be a great way to protect their information and prevent malicious attacks.

By installing a keylogger, you'll be able to monitor what people are saying on your computer, as well as track the movements of any visitors to your monitored computer.


Can Keyloggers Go Undetected?

Keyloggers are malicious programs that are used to secretly monitor and record every keystroke made on a computer or device.

They can be installed onto a computer without the user’s knowledge and remain undetected until it is too late.

Although there is much debate on how successful these programs can be, one thing is for certain – they are a serious security threat.

It is essential to have the right precautions in place when it comes to protecting your data from keyloggers.

Keeping an eye out for suspicious activity, regularly changing passwords, and ensuring that your computer is up-to-date with the latest anti-malware software can all help reduce the risk of falling victim to a keylogging attack.

At the end of the day, though, it’s impossible to guarantee that your data won’t be exposed by one of these sneaky programs.

So, if you're looking for an answer to the question “Can keyloggers go undetected?” then, unfortunately, the answer is “Yes – they can”.

Are Keyloggers Illegal?

Keyloggers are computer programs or devices that record keystrokes made by a user on the keyboard. The data is then sent to an external destination, whether it's a file stored on the computer, emailed to an address, or even uploaded to the internet.

Keyloggers are considered by some as an invasion of privacy, especially when installed without the user's knowledge.

The legality of using keyloggers depends on where and how they are used. Generally, if a person is using their own computer or device to monitor their own activities, then it is likely legal.

However, if a person is using one for malicious intent or without the consent of another person, then it is likely illegal.

It is also illegal to sell or distribute keylogging software without the user's knowledge, as well as use one to access a system or computer without authorization.

Overall, whether using a keylogger is legal or not depends on how it is used and the purpose behind it.

Does the FBI Use Keyloggers?

The answer to “Does the FBI use keyloggers?” is “yes”.

FBI Use Keyloggers

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has used keylogging technology for some years.

Keylogging is a form of computer surveillance that records all the keys typed on a keyboard by an individual. This data is then stored and analyzed to find out what the user is typing.

The FBI has used this technology to gather evidence in criminal investigations, as well as for surveillance purposes.

The agency has also utilized KLS keys on computers owned by mobster Nicodemo Scarfo and his associates. These keys have allowed the FBI to access stored information without having physical access to the computer itself.


Finding the best keylogger for Mac OS can be a daunting task, but with the help of this article, you should now have an idea of what to look out for.

Whether you are looking for a free or paid version, we hope that our review has helped inform your decision-making process and provided some insight into which type of program best suits your needs.

With so many options available, it is important to take time to research before investing any money into products.

We wish you luck in finding the perfect keylogger solution for your Mac.