Tune4Mac iTunes Video Converter

If you buy digital content like TV shows, videos, and movies from iTunes, you will find that you cannot play those contents on non-Apple devices. All such contents are protected with DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology.

While it is a good technology to protect copyrighted content, it does not respect the rights of users. You do not have any freedom to use your purchased content on other devices even after paying.

Use a DRM removal tool to remove this limitation.

Tune4Mac iTunes Video Converter Platinum is one of the best DRM removal software programs online. It lets you remove DRM from the videos sourced from iTunes.

This iTunes DRM removal tool has many other features, making it one of the best for Mac and Windows software. Read the Tune4mac review to learn more.

Tune4Mac – 20X Faster Video Conversion Speed

Tune4Mac works fast. It uses advanced acceleration technology to accomplish the video conversion at 20X faster speed.

The converted videos retain their original quality even after conversion into plain formats. You can convert both HD and SD M4V videos.

Watch iTunes videos, movies, and shows on any device once their DRM protection is removed. Use the batch conversion feature to complete the conversion quickly.

iTunes Video Converter

Tune4mac iTunes audio converter does not degrade the audio quality. You will receive the newly upgraded Platinum version if you download this program now.

It is capable of preserving the original audio quality. You will still hear the same AC3 Dolby audio that was present in the original content. This is about the best iTunes video converter ever known.

After Conversion – Multi-language & Subtitles Remain the Same

Tune4mac preserves the multilanguage and CC subtitles. If you have purchased digital content that has subtitles in your language, you will still see those subtitles displayed correctly on the screen.

There is no deterioration in audio quality. The audio track of the video plays in the same way as in the original version. Even special CC (Closed Caption) subtitles are retained.

Removes DRM Protection from iTunes Rented or Purchased Movies

Tune4mac offers the perfect DRM removal solution for iTunes M4V movies. It does not matter if you purchased or rented the content.

Remove DRM from MP4 contents downloaded from iTunes. It does its job flawlessly with all types of iTunes-protected content.

DRM Removal Tool

Once the DRM has been removed from iTunes videos, you can stream those videos on your TV. Watch your favorite video content with original picture and audio quality.

The videos and movies are converted into a plain format so they become playable on all types of TVs.

Many DRM converter programs available for iTunes work only with the audio content. There is no such restriction with Tune4mac. It will immediately convert the original content's format.

Convert iTunes M4V movies into popular formats like MP4, MP3, AVI, and MOV.

This iTunes DRM video converter allows you to watch all your favorite TV shows, documentaries, and other video content in the format you want.

Converts Any iTunes Music Video to MP3

It is the best program to convert iTunes to MP3.  Listen to your favorite music content on other devices.

Tune4mac will quickly convert the audio content sourced from iTunes into the format you need. It is an excellent iTunes MP4 to MP3 converter.

Convert M4V to MP3

This video DRM removal software gives you complete flexibility to convert videos in the required formats. Remove the pictures from the videos and listen only to the audio. It reduces the file size significantly.

Use the Tune4mac iTunes DRM removal tool to convert iTunes to MP3 content. It is the best software to convert iTunes to MP3.  Use it to remove iTunes video DRM.

Watch the videos even on low-configuration devices. The contents will play without any issue on devices that have another OS.

More Functions

Import iTunes Videos & Edit

Tune4mac Platinum iTunes DRM remover has many other features that make it an excellent iTunes converter program. You can import iTunes to iBook, iDVD, FCP(X), and iMovie.

Once the DRM protection is removed, you can edit the iTunes content. Use the edited contents the way you use other plain format digital content.

Share the iTunes Videos to YouTube, Flickr, Facebook & Others

Convert iTunes M4V videos to HTML5, YouTube, Facebook, and Flickr supported formats. This DRM removal software for Mac & Windows is the best iTunes movie converter. Share the converted movies and videos freely.

Play the iTunes Videos on Portable Devices

Remove DRM from iTunes movies. The converted digital content can be played and viewed on a wide range of devices.

Play content on devices like Sony PSP, Xbox, LG HDTV, Surface Pro, Roku, Sony Xperia Z5 Series, Apple TV 4, Google Nexus 6P, iPod, iPhone SE, iPhone 6/6s Plus, iPad Air 2/Mini 3, and others.

Output Audio-Visual File Formats for Portable Devices

Use this converter to convert iTunes contents into a plain format so you can play all those contents on devices with the configuration, OS, and brands that are not supported by Apple.

Remove DRM from iTunes movies for use on Windows.

Most of the digital content you source from Apple iTunes is protected with DRM technology. It places different types of limitations.

You can play the contents only on 5 Apple devices. You cannot play those M4V videos on the devices of other brands.

Tune4Mac Removes All the Limitations

Tune4mac iTunes Video Converter Platinum gives you the tools and options you need to convert all iTunes DRM-protected content into the formats you need. It offers all the features you expect in this type of program.

It is a professional iTunes M4V converter software program.

Just a few clicks and your iTunes digital content has been converted into the format you want. Now play the converted content on your preferred devices like mobile phones, PSP, iPhones, iPods, and other players. Remove DRM from M4V files.

Download the Tune4mac Platinum video converter. Install this iTunes DRM removal program on your Mac or Windows system and launch it.

Its free trial version places a one-minute limitation on the output converted videos.

Register this program to remove this limitation. Use its intuitive interface to convert videos and movies quickly.

First, read the user guide to learn how to convert iTunes content into the required formats. Downloading its Free Trial version is a good way to check all its features and see if this is what you need.

Free vs Paid Version

The free version of this Mac iTunes video converter has certain limitations that you can remove by buying this program. Once the limitations have been removed, you can use all its features and functions.

Remove copy protection from iTunes movies, videos, and TV shows. This simple tool lets you watch your favorite movies on other devices.


A few simple steps and all DRM protection are removed. Convert, play, and share the purchased and rented iTunes video content on any device.

This iTunes DRM removal software does not crack the DRM so it is completely legal.

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